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Dawn Education & Communications
Dawn Education & Communications
Every NASA mission has a science team, a flight operations team, and an education and communications ( EC, formerly education and public outreach, EPO) team, among others. Dawn EC includes educators, scientists, engineers--we are all complete and total fans of NASA Discovery Program's Dawn mission.


24 Dec

Dawn Jingles the Season

by Dawn Education & Communications

As the holiday season has approached over the past several years, two members of the Dawn team have had a kick creating mission-based lyrics to the tune of three traditional carols in their free time. For your inner space-nerd ready for some holiday spirit, here are a few more flight team members, singing them. Enjoy!

Singers include Roger Klemm, Kristina Larson, Greg Whiffen, Keri Bean, Todd Barber, and Carol Polanskey

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17 Nov

Dawn Soars at 2014 JPL Open House

by Dawn Education & Communications

Two days…
…200+ scientists and engineers…
…Live demonstrations…
…NASA’s thrilling space science.

What happens when people come together with a common mission to tell the stories of NASA and make it happen? 45,716 visitors traveled from afar to find out at the 2014 JPL Open House in Pasadena, California on October 11-12. The event, themed “Welcome to Our Universe,” invited visitors on a “ride” through the wonders of space. Highlights included a life-size model of the Curiosity rover and demonstrations from numerous space missions—including Dawn. Dawn visited giant asteroid Vesta from 2011 to 2012, and will arrive at dwarf planet Ceres in the spring of 2015. A 3-D print of protoplanet Vesta, gorgeous images, and an ion engine just like the one being used by Dawn to orbit its destinations helped the mission’s scientists and engineers tell the tale of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) that drives the mission!

JPL Open house

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21 Oct

In Appreciation: Dr. Gerhard Neukum

by Dawn Education & Communications
Dr. Gerhard Neukum

Professor of Planetary
Sciences, Freie Universität Berlin. Credit: ESA

We are remembering Gerhard Neukum today: a mentor, a friend, and a superlative colleague.

Professor Gerhard Neukum was a planetary scientist with a particular fascination for craters and the story they tell about the age and composition of a solar system body—and the solar system itself. A co-investigator on the Dawn science team, he advised with characteristic perception and tenacity.


Gerhard Neukum was an international expert on cratering. Double crater on giant asteroid Vesta.
Credit: NASA/ JPL-Caltech/ UCLA/ MPS/ DLR/ IDA

Neukum’s career as a distinguished planetary scientist began in the 1970s, when he conducted research for NASA’s Apollo program as a physics student at the University of Heidelberg. Eventually he became the director of the German Aerospace Center Institute of Planetary Research before moving to the Free University of Berlin. Throughout his long and successful career he made major contributions to international space missions that visited the moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the main asteroid belt. Neukum will always be remembered for his uncompromising determination to explore the solar system. Without his charismatic leadership, planetary science would not be where it is today.

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21 Mar

Space Inspired “Nerd Couture”

by Dawn Education & Communications
Two Dawn engineers showing off their nail art

Dawn mission-inspired nail art matches the spacecraft’s solar panels.

Dawn Rocks the Community

Two members of the Dawn mission have taken space exploration to a new level, combining space—and fashion. Meet Keri Bean and Kristina Larson. Keri is a member of Dawn’s science operations team and Kristina works for the spacecraft flight team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  Their shared interest in “nerd couture” brought them together, as well as their obsession with space nail art. They like wearing fashionable clothing that also expresses their interests in space science and other “nerdy” topics. From space shuttle shoes to Dawn-inspired solar panel nails, they wear it all!

Keri Bean Dawn mission science operations, and Kristina Larson, Dawn spacecraft flight team

Keri Bean, Dawn mission science operations, and Kristina Larson, Dawn spacecraft flight team, sporting “nerd couture”

In her role in science planning and sequencing, Keri acts as the interface between different off-site science team members and the spacecraft operations team at JPL.  While an undergrad and grad student at Texas A&M University, Keri was on science teams for multiple Mars missions and now uses those skills in exploring the two largest bodies in the asteroid belt.

Kristina does similar work as part of the engineering operations team by planning and sequencing engineering activities, as well as sending commands to the spacecraft and testing them on the testbed.  She has interned on Dawn since her sophomore year at USC, where she got her undergrad and grad degrees in Aerospace Engineering. Kristina worked previously on a Mars rover as a Tactical Downlink Lead, planning activities for the rover and analyzing downlinked data.

Keri Bean and her space dress, accented by her Dawn Lego model!

Keri Bean and her space dress, accented by her Dawn Lego model!

They hope to continue to share their unique and quirky styles as well as glam ideas through the eyes of two young women and hopefully teach you about Dawn along the way—so stay tuned!