Dawn Jingles the Season

by Dawn Education & Communications


As the holiday season has approached over the past several years, two members of the Dawn team have had a kick creating mission-based lyrics to the tune of three traditional carols in their free time. For your inner space-nerd ready for some holiday spirit, here are a few more flight team members, singing them. Enjoy!

Singers include Roger Klemm, Kristina Larson, Greg Whiffen, Keri Bean, Todd Barber, and Carol Polanskey

Dawn’s Ride

Dawn’s Ride (to the tune of “Sleigh Ride”)
By Marc Rayman and Carol Polanskey (December 2014)

Just hear alarm texts ringing,
Kalman filters diverging, too.
Come to an anomaly meeting
For a safe mode recovery with you.
The managers are worried,
And Ceres is calling, “Yoo Hoo.”
Not an ORT, reboot the OBC,
There’s a lot to do.

Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up,
Let’s go… no time to be slow.
We’re coasting when there’s thrusting left to go.
Recover, recover, recover
Today… lets get on our way.
We’re riding on an ion beam,
With a beautiful blue green ray.

The spacecraft’s nice and healthy,
And ready for Ceres are we.
We’re on a new approach,
With a fancy trajectory.
Lets build those da’s and dl’s,
And analyze some OpNavs too.
Then on to R-C-3,
It’s been a great ride from Vesta with you.

Vesta Has a Snowman

Vesta Has a Snowman (to the tune of “Frosty the Snowman”)
by Marc Rayman & Carol Polanskey, Dec. 2012

Vesta has a snowman, and a well-determined pole.
It’s got troughs and grooves and hills galore,
With some spots as dark as coal.
All ’round the craters, there are rays as bright as snow.
It’s a fascinating protoplanet
As our dear old Dawn did show.

Dawn’s traveled many miles and years, from Earth so far away,
To dance around this ancient orb, to reveal what we know today.

O, Dawn’s propelled by ions, with a lovely blue-green beam
We wish it had more reaction wheels, but it’s got enough hydrazine.

Uplink and downlink, uplink and downlink,
See the ops team go.
Analyze and optimize, analyze and optimize,
See our successes grow!

As Dawn approached to Vesta, it grew in the camera view.
We recovered from a safe comm mode,
Got to Survey and said, “Whew!”
Spiraling to LAMO, slipping through the one-to-one,
We got down real close to the rocky ground
Where we had five months of fun.

It’s been real neat at Vesta, testing scientific theories.
Now we’re looking forward to, more success at Ceres.

So, now Dawn’s departed, and is thrusting on its way.
We left behind good memories, and a high drag RWA.

Its how the ops team speaks.
“Copy that”, “Nominal”, “Epoch shift”, “Chebify.”
Aren’t we a bunch of geeks?

Challenge and solution, crisis resolution,
See the ops team go.
Innovate, collaborate, generate, radiate,
It’s the best darn team, you know!

Ceres Wonderland

Ceres Wonderland
(to the tune of “Winter Wonderland”)
by Carol Polanskey & Marc Rayman
with input from Greg Whiffen & Kristina Larson, Dec. 2013

We’re succeeding, the board reported.
Of our designs, they are supportive.
A beautiful sight, we’re happy in flight
Planning for a Ceres wonderland.

Gone away, is our wheel control,
With hydrazine, we’ll pay the toll.
We’ll use up our prop, as the altitude drops
Heading to a Ceres wonderland.

We doubt that we will find another snowman,
But Ceres’ sure to please us, when we call.
If you don’t think it’s worth it, we’ll say, “No Man.”
You’ll see that it’s the coolest world of all.

ISBs, we are working,
Avoiding risks that are lurking.
We face unafraid, the plans that we’ve made
To orbit ‘round a Ceres wonderland.

With Ceres ice, let’s build ourselves a snowman,
With blue xenon ions for a crown.
Never have to worry about it melting,
Until an impact crater knocks it down.

But for now, we are cruising,
Not much sleep, are we losing.
We face unafraid, the plans that we’ve made
To orbit round a Ceres wonderland.

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3 Responses to “Dawn Jingles the Season”

  1. beatsbypd says:

    Nice music, thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Valerie Daley says:

    Very cute, creative, and, yes, a tad geeky! I really enjoyed these, but now I face, “Oh, NO!” ear worms! The Ceres cake was cool.